School Services | The British School of Tashkent

School Services

The British School of Tashkent provides a number of services which enhance the day to day school experience for students. These services are also convenient for parents as making other arrangements can often be complicted and time consuming.

Currently, we do not offer a daily bus service due to lack of demand. For weekly sports outings and termly excursions, the British School of Tashkent works with a safe and efficient bus company that provides buses that are modern, clean and in accordance with our bus policy, including seat-belts and medical kits. If you require a bus service then please do inform us.

School lunches are an integral part of school life. We work very closely with our catering company to ensure the school lunches are of the highest quality.  The menus are carefully planned to ensure that our pupils receive balanced healthy and nutritional meals.

School uniforms are sold in school for your convenience.