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School Calendar

Please be aware that other holidays may be added throughout the academic year at the discretion of the school.
2016-2017 SCHOOL DATES
Term Three
08/May - 09/May
Memorial Day Holiday
School will be closed on the Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th of May due to state holiday. Uzbek school will take place as normal on Saturday 6th of May and the school will re-open on Wednesday 10th May.
29/May - 30/May
Half-Term Holidays
Eid al Fitr
To celebrate the holy festival of Eid al Fitr, the school will be closed on Monday 26th June.
Last day of Term Three
Please note school ends at 12:00
2017-2018 SCHOOL DATES
Term One
First day of Term One
16/Oct - 20/Oct
Half-Term Break
Last day of Term One
Term Two
First day of Term Two
19/Feb - 23/Feb
Half-Term Break
Last day of Term Two
Term Three
First day of Term Three
01/Jun - 05/Jun
Half-Term Break
Last day of Term Three