17th March 2017 was a date etched on the calendar of the Secondary school for the production of Bugsy Malone. | The British School of Tashkent

Secondary Presents: Bugsy Malone

17th March 2017 was a date etched on the calendar of the Secondary school for the production of Bugsy Malone.
Friday, March 31, 2017
However, before that could happen there were auditions to pass, rehearsals to do, lines to be learned, songs to be performed and stage directions to learn. Fortunately, the students were very lucky to have Mrs Ramsdale to guide and shape the performance.

After the initial auditions it was announced that Dandy Dan’s gang would be lead by Mariam Yusopova and her rival gang, Fat Sam’s would be lead by Javdat Muminov. Scott Currie was chosen to play Bugsy with Izora Kayumova as Blousy, Amir Rustamkulov as Fizzy, Alan Kuleybekov as Leroy, and Dildora Pulatova as Talullah.

Then began the process of rehearsing all the scenes and songs. The majority of which was done in Drama and Music lessons with Mrs Ramsdale and Miss Aves. One week before the show was due to start, the intensity of the rehearsals began to increase and the reality of performing a show began to hit some students. Two days before the show a “Technical Rehearsal” was run in front of an empty theatre and the day before the show a “Dress Rehearsal” was performed in front of Years 3,4,5 & 6.
The show itself, on Friday 17th March, was a great success with many highlights. Scott Currie did a remarkable job as Bugsy, although not all his humourous quips were understood by the audience. Javdat was an impressive Fat Sam, who relished the part of the show where he threw water into Diana Son’s face! Izora played Blousey accurately, whilst the female Dandy Dan, Mariam, oozed menace. Dildora as Talullah was excellent and sang her songs tunefully. There was so much to admire from the fight scene, from Alan Kuleybekov who stole the show, to Elizaveta’s singing of the song “Bugsy Malone”.

The wonderful thing about shows like this is how they bring a group of students together who may not usually work with one another. They all had to make sure their parts were exact so that the show came together and it did. They were all challenged to perform on stage in front of an audience of parents and peers and they did it brilliantly.

Here’s to next year’s production!